Is there a restocking fee on returned products?

We do not typically assess a restocking fee, except for exceptional circumstances. To avoid additional fees, please follow these instructions:

  • The return period starts on the day the product is received and ends after 60 days. A return must be initiated before the return period expires.
  • Items must be returned to the address provided in the RMA return instructions.
  • All original parts and accessories must be returned, including manuals and packaging. 
  • Returns must be placed in an outer shipping box to avoid damage to the product packaging.
  • Original product packaging should be kept in as good of condition as possible.
  • All products being returned should be in good condition with no cables cut or components damaged.

Items that may be assessed a restocking fee include: 

  • Products that were not authorized to be returned
  • Products that were mailed after the return period expired
  • Products that were damaged or missing original parts or materials.
  • Signal meters or items that list a restocking fee in the product description.

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