Can I install a vehicle signal booster myself?

Signal boosters designed for use in a vehicle are generally much easier to install than a home or office signal booster. We'll cover the main types of vehicle signal boosters and the difficulty with installing them in this article.

Car & Truck Signal Boosters

There are two types of signal boosters for cars: cradle boosters (for one phone at a time) and car signal boosters (for multiple mobile devices at a time). Each comes with a magnet mount outside antenna, cigarette lighter power supply, an amplifier, and an inside antenna or cradle. You should be able to install all of these components in your car or truck in just a few minutes.
The magnet mount antenna sticks to the top of the vehicle and the attached cable is run under the moulding of the door frame. The amplifier is placed under a seat, and the inside antenna or cradle is mounted on the dashboard. Finally, the power supply is plugged in to an available cigarette lighter, and the booster starts working.
The only challenge with this type of booster is with the new aluminum body Ford F-150s, as the magnet won't stick to the aluminum roof. Please contact us for solutions to this problem.

RV Signal Boosters

RV signal boosters are a bit more challenging to install than a standard car signal booster. The outside antenna needs to be permanently mounted to the roof of the RV and a cable run inside, which may require drilling through one of the walls of the vehicle. Once the cable is inside, then the rest of the installation is very easy and just requires connecting the components and locating them in the correct locations in the RV.

Boat & Marine Signal Boosters

Boat & marine signal boosters are slightly less difficult to install than RV signal boosters, as they use a marine outside antenna with a marine mount, which should fit into the marine fittings on a boat or ship. Then a cable must be run into the cabin of the ship and the rest of the components attached. If you're able to mount the outside antenna and run the cable inside, then you should be able to install a boat or marine signal booster.

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