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Can I install a home signal booster myself?

You can install a signal booster yourself in your home if you're fairly handy.

The ability to install a signal booster for your home by yourself depends on a few different things, including the size, shape and makeup of the building you're installing it in, how handy you are with tools and running cable, and the ability for you to climb up on the roof of the house to install the outside antenna. 

Spaces 3,000 sq ft or less

If the house or space is 3,000 sq ft or less, you're fairly handy and are used to working on projects at home, and you can climb up on the roof, then you should be able to install the signal booster yourself.

Spaces larger than 3,000 sq ft

If the space is larger than 3,000 sq ft or irregularly shaped, manufactured of materials other than standard wood or drywall, or the roof is inaccessible, then it would be best to have a professional install your signal booster for you. Most electricians, cable repair people, or general contractors will be able to perform the installation.  As long as someone is able to install the antenna on the roof and run the cable, then one of our professionals can walk you through everything else, including where to locate the components, how to aim the antenna, etc.