Do the current signal boosters support 5G?

If 5G in your area is deployed on one of the five frequency bands that our boosters support, then it will automatically be boosted.

The current signal boosters on the market for consumer use support the five major cellular bands currently in use in North America. All new future technologies (5G) deployed by the carriers that use one of the five major cellular bands: 700, 850, 1700, 1900, and 2100 MHz will be supported by the current five-band signal boosters. Technologies that are deployed on bands other than that will not be supported by any of the currently available consumer signal boosters.

That said, carriers have told us that their 4G LTE networks, which are boosted by all of our consumer signal boosters, are not going away anytime soon. Verizon, for example, has committed to 4G LTE through 2030. 

This means that a booster you get today will likely work well through at least 2030. By that time, additional frequency bands should have been approved by the FCC and we'll have more advanced consumer boosters, so an upgrade will make sense.